Friday, December 14, 2007

We Ain't Done Yet

A few months ago, the followers of the Kimkins saga were asked to get on board to stop Heidi. One way many chose was to begin an anti kimkins blog. While initially many stepped up to the plate and started blogs. That is as far as it went. One post and poof they were no more.

The fight is still going on. We can not become lax at this time.

With the New Year fast approaching, people will be looking for ways to get rid of holiday weight gains. Many will stumble upon Kimkins in their search. I don't know about you. But I don't want to see any more people harmed by this ridiculous diet. I don't want anyone else to be duped by that woman, Heidi Diaz.

We have come so far in the fight from just a few months ago. The class action lawsuit is in full swing. Heidi has been exposed for the fraud that she truly is. We have received national attention in the media. Yet many are still finding their way to Kimkins.

So all you ducks out there, step up to the plate. Start a blog. Report spam blogs.