Monday, January 14, 2008

Answer to The Nice Girl

Since I doubt very seriously The Nice Girl will allow comments on her blog. I figured I'd respond to her here. These are quotes from her blog, It's My Life.

"Never stand by and watch someone be the victim of a bully you must always speak out for those who can't speak out for themselves"

Yet you can stand by while Heidi continues to encourage people to starve themselves. And if you dare question her you are banned.

Now that I am doing kimkins I have seen all thes antikimmer sites and instead of listing all the negatives affects of the diet (I have to admit it has it faults but it works) they instead try to tear down the women on the diets.

I have nothing but compassion for anyone who is trying to lose weight. I know first hand what it feels like to be obese and wanting any way to shed those pounds. Yet I did it in a healthy way, by following a high fat, carb restricted way of eating. I shed 200+ pounds this way and have kept it off. Plus I did it on over 2000 cals/day.

As for the problems with the diet, you admit yourself there are problems. It is nutritionally bankrupt for starters. It sets you up for an eating disorder. If you do manage to lose some weight. You will have to continue eating that way for the rest of your life. If you attempt to return to a normal caloric level, your body will begin packing on the pounds. That is not just my opinion , but scientific fact. A diet this low in calories and fat is not sustainable. You are missing out on very vital nutrients. Just a multivitamin each day will not make up for all the vitamins and minerals you fail to take in. The healthiest people on the earth follow a traditional way of eating. Which is very high fat.

When a nice girl is faced with someone who just terrorizes people she may politly say -------->
(obscene comment omitted)

As for you last comment about what "nice girls" do. All I can say is truly "nice girls" would never do that.


2BIG4mysize said...

WOW does she truely believe and Kimmer are not bullies? Ask a question they don't like

use an avatar they don't like

engage in a discussion of halthy eating
commnets deleted and banned
if that isn't bullying what is?

wackytobeme said...

Well, it's obvious she is not person of real high values. You can't talk reason with a person like that, it's all about "wanting what I want and wanting it now"

Funny though, when I googled "nice girl" the one sponsor ad that came up was ElenasModels Hmmmm.

OhYeahBabe said...

2big, you called that right. Heidi Diaz is a horrible bully. And her admins are no better - remember O'Suzanna?

Nice girl has a different dictionary from me. My definition of works is far different.