Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Kimkins Groupie

The anti-kimkins bloggers have got a groupie of sorts. someone calling themselves Dana going around to the various blogs singing the praises of Kimkins. This is one of her latest comments.

Kimkins is NOT a dangerous diet. There is nothing dangerous about as much lean protein as you want.. 20 carbs a day, enough fat to make your menu work.... there is NO calorie counting .... please get your facts correct.

Thank you, Dana
2Big answered very nicely with this reply:

actually there is DANA. perhaps attending some of those nutrition classes offered at your college would help. Look at rabbit starvation to start with too much protein without a balance of fats causes death.

limiting carbohydrate intake to 20 grams for the duration of the weight loss journey causes a person to be under the required daily fiber needs for intestinal health.
Using only enough fat to be able to cook the foods and since you are new to the Kimkins controversy perhaps you missed the email from Kimmer saying no more the 30 grams a day max puts the person below the EFA daily needs for health. You can study EFAs and basic fatty acids needs there too.

The kimkins plan as written and sold by Kimmer IS a dangerous plan.
As I posted before about the real Kimkins diet, you can see Heidi's own words how the diet is to work,

“It’s best not exceed the 1000 cals,, 20 carbs, 20-30 fat grams, and keep the Protein at 60-90 grams per day. These are the limits for newbies, but you will find that as you stick with the plan you will see lower numbers in all the above categories. If you have any other questions or need help PM me anytime, I love to help.”
Let’s do the math shall we. Calories for carbs are 4 cals/gm, protein 4 cals/gm, fat 9 cals/gm. Taking the upper limits of 20gms carbs, 30 gms fat, and 90 gms protein:

(20×4) + (30×9) + (90×4) = 80 + 270 + 360 = 710

710 calories for the UPPER limit

A starvation diet is set at anything below 800 cals/day.Clearly this diet falls in that category. Following Heidi's advice is disaster waiting to happen.

Another of Dana's comments needs to be addressed.

you guys do realize you are only talking to each other right now? Nobody outside of your little club even cares.

Well apparently you must be a member of that club too. You sure seem to care. I just want to remind you. You don't get to see just how much traffic each of these sites get in a days time. From all walks of life, not just the Kimkins or low carb community. Just because there are no comments made does not mean they aren't reading what is there.

One last note for Dana, I wonder what ol' Mike would think of your daily escapades. Just a little food for thought, since you deprive the rest of your body of food with the Kimkins diet.

It is clearly apparent to me the Kimkins Controversy is not over. So I will keep doing what I do.


OhYeahBabe said...

710 calories is the upper limit, but remember Kimmer says you don't need to eat at all so long as there is fat left on your body. Didn't work for her, though, and now her health is a wreck. Hmmm.....