Friday, March 14, 2008

Attention Citizens of Massachusetts!

This in from fatshionista:

We have an exciting opportunity to advance fat civil rights in
Massachusetts! The bill, H.1844, filed by Rep. Byron Rushing, will add
height and weight to the anti-discrimination law. YOU can help make
this happen! And it's very easy.

First, we're asking Massachusetts residents to write a letter (snail is
better than email) to your representative and senator, asking them to
support MA H.1844. If your legislator is a co-sponsor, thank him/her
for supporting H. 1844. And .... ask everyone you know in the state to
also write to their legislators!

If you have experienced size discrimination in the state in employment,
education, public accommodations or health care, it is VITAL that you
tell your legislators! And please forward your story to us, too.
Another rep filed a similar bill a couple of years ago on the basis of
ONE discrimination complaint from a constituent.

If you’d like to do more, a follow-up phone call or even a personal
visit (make an appointment at the State House or at local office hours)
will emphasize the depth of your support for the bill.

There will be a hearing before the Joint Committee on Labor and
Workforce Development, probably in the fall. If you're a constituent of
one of the committee members, your voice will have even more impact. As
our campaign builds, we'll have more opportunities for volunteers.

Update Note: A hearing will be held Tuesday, March 25, 2pm State House, room A-2, in Boston

For more information, please contact *NAAFA Board member Jeanne Toombs
*National Assoc. to Advance Fat Acceptance,


Dear Rep. ________ (or Sen. _________)

I’m writing to ask you to support (or thank you for supporting) H.1844,
which will add height and weight to the anti-discrimination law. People
of all sizes deserve basic respect, and large people in particular are
routinely discriminated against in employment, health care and

(I have faced discrimination....)

Thank you,

your name
your address

Rep. Christine Canavan
Rep. Linda Forry
Rep. Gloria Fox
Rep. Willie Mae Allen
Rep. Matthew Patrick
Rep. Carl Sciortino
Rep. Benjamin Swan
Rep. Timothy Toomey
Rep. Marty Walz
Sen. Susan Fargo

Rep. David Torrisi, Chair
Sen. Thomas McGee
Sen. Pamela Resor
Sen. Patricia Jehlen
Sen. Edward Augustus
Sen. Steven Tolman
Sen. Robert Hedlund
Rep. John Scibak
Rep. Paul Casey
Rep. Colleen Garry
Rep. Demetrius Atsalis
Rep. Barbara L’Italian
Rep. Sean Curran
Rep. Marty Walz
Rep. Thomas Calther
Rep. Paul Loscocco
Rep. Karyn Polito

You can down load the info on the bill here.

Rep. Byron Rushing, a Boston Democrat who is sponsoring the Massachusetts bill, said the issue is a question of civil rights.

“This is one of the last physical aspects of people that you can acceptably laugh about,” said Rushing, who is black, slim and of average height. “You can be a shock jock on the radio and talk about fat people for a solid week and no one would ever think of having you lose your job. It’s still acceptable.”

So stand up and be counted in this issue. Let your voice be heard. End discrimination of every kind.