Monday, March 31, 2008

A Light Bulb Moment

At the end of February, PJ from The Divine Low Carb put out a call for people to choose an eating plan for her to follow for the month of March. Many people had some good ideas for her, even yours truly. She ultimately chose Regina's 5 Easy Rules.

RULE 1: NO SPECIFIC GRAM COUNTING - just eat what's allowed & simply enjoy your meals

RULE 2: Eat Enough - Starvation Level of Calories Doesn't Work Long-Term

RULE 3: Consume Adequate Protein

RULE 4: Choose fats wisely

RULE 5: Eat Enough Plant Foods

As someone with a long history of an Eating Disorder, rules are a two edged sword. One they can add much needed structure to my all over the place way of thinking. On the flip side they can make me become so obsessed with stuff I burn out real quick.

Yet if you read Regina's entire post, it sounds like the concept of intuitive eating but with a low carb twist. It also sounds like what I was doing prior to all my latest tummy troubles and malabsorption issues.

Now here we are the last day of March. So how did PJ do?? she shares her experiment with us in her most recent post, A Dose of Sanity.

I'm sure many of y'all we see yourself in her words. I know I sure did. I'm an all or nothing type gal myself. This phrase struck home for sure:

Eating well is not the same thing as eating low-carb.

But it's less obvious that more 'reasonable' low-carb eating plans, particularly those that non-geniuses like me gradually adapt, are not necessarily healthy just because they're low-carb. You can skip gluten and skip dairy and skip this and skip that and keep your carbs under 40 and still eat badly. I hadn't thought about this much until now. I'd thought about it in the context of staying on an eating plan, and in the inspiration after finishing the Gary Taubes book, but hadn't given a lot of thought to how genuinely *healthy* a given eating plan is.

It seems to me that some people--that would be ME--pay more attention to what they CAN'T have, than to what they SHOULD have.

Being the science nerd that I am. I've done the research. I know how good following a low carb eating plan is for optimal health. I'll be the first to admit, I went gung ho into low carb when I first started right after my WLS. I read all the sites, bought all the foods, measured everything down to the last milligram. I did a fabulous job too. I OCD'd my anal compulsive self right down into an anorexic state. I was eating low carb but not healthful by any means. I lost massive amounts of weight. Now 2 years later my health is paying the price.

It took a good bit of my therapy time and much hard work on my part to finally reach the point I was eating healthful, not just low carb. If it weren't for the malabsorption issues I would probably be doing just fine.

So my message to PJ.......

It takes time. It won't come this month or the next or even the next month, but the time will come. You will get to a point where you truly enjoy the pleasure of eating again. It's no longer a chore. Plus you have the added benefit of eating for your health too not just to lose weight. The weight loss, if it happens, just is. It doesn't change who you are.


OhYeahBabe said...

I got a lot out of that post, too. Thanks for yours as well.
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2BIG said...

love the new look.
Great message there for folk working to repair their metabolism.

It will take lots of work and lots of time to correct eating issues.

MrsMenopausal said...

Very interesting post of yours and hers. I can relate to so much of it.

I like the new look, too. I expected the background to be distracting but it's not. It works.

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