Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mental Health At Every Size: Yes, Your Brain Counts Too

I've linked to good sites hoping to help you understand how important it is to realize you can have health at any size. Beating yourself up because you do not look like some Hollywood starlet is not healthy for you either.

Meowser has written an excellent post and seriously folks you need to head over there and read this.

Mental Health At Every Size: Yes, Your Brain Counts Too « fat fu

For all the blather about people with Bad Lifestyle Habits being a drain on society, my best anecdata tells me precisely the opposite is true. It’s the people who work like dogs and don’t get paid squat or get any respect from the yups who have these Bad Lifestyle Habits, for the most part. The ones without whose unpaid and underpaid labor society would fall to pieces, they’re the ones who most need their “vices” to get by. The yups with their cushy jobs where they can come and go as they please and don’t ever have to worry about being written up for a lengthy potty break might not like the idea of the busboy in their favorite bar or their pool cleaner or nail technician having a beer belly, reeking of smoke, and/or covered with donut crumbs, but they’d like it even less if they had to bus their own tables, clean their own pools, and do their own nails.

They already shown that worrying about your size is worse than the actual being heavy part.