Monday, March 17, 2008

Proctor & Gamble ----Blueprint for an Eating Disorder

As someone who began her lifelong battle with an Eating Disorder at the tender age of 10, this article hit home with me.

Proctor & Gamble have given very young adolescent girls a blueprint for development of an ED.

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Here are just a couple of things P&G think an adolescent girl needs to be concentrating on....

1. At the moment you grab for something to eat, tell yourself you can have it if you still want it but you have to wait 30 minutes. The craving may pass, you might get distracted, you might become wise enough in that half hour to find a more life affirming way of getting rid of that creepy stress.

Let's forget you are a growing person.....hunger is not are suppose to not listen to your body.....and an adolescent girl's life is so full of stress....


2. Write down everything you eat. Icky, we know, but we also know there's no better substitute (except looking at yourself in the mirror naked), that's better than tracking what goes into your mouth to get you into the habit of thinking before you eat.

well let's get obsessive at a tender young age of every morsel you put in your mouth.....yeah let's get on that road quick that all you are is what shows on the outside(or the scale) hell that you happen to be a fabulous ain't worth jack unless you conform to societies idea of what is worthy....forget about the fact you are just now developing into a young woman and need certain gotta be matter the cost...

Please use Rachel's info on contacting P&G and letting them know just what you think of this.