Friday, March 7, 2008

Taking "Obesity Epdemic" to Extremes

The war on the non-existent obesity epidemic has taken a strange twist. MeMe Roth, president and founder of the National Action Against Obesity, has sunk to a new low.

Baked Good Boycott

Girl Scouts may soon be forced to trade in their merit badges for prison stripes. Today, publicist-turned-obesity-activist MeMe Roth accused the scouts of endangering public health. Known for being perpetually shrill and habitually hyperbolic, Roth exceeded those already kooky standards by calling for a boycott of Girl Scout Cookies. (Again.) Last year, the food cop went so far as to call the nonprofit organization a “front to push millions of cookies onto an already bloated population.”

If greedy trial lawyers catch wind of this hysteria, it may not be long before the Scouts are pulled out of their troops and put on trial.

Sound a little extreme? That’s par for the course when it comes to Roth’s over-the-top obesity campaigns. A few months ago, she indicted millions of mothers for treating their families to home-baked goodies: “If you keep feeding them cupcakes then you are killing your kids.” And a short time before that, Roth had to be physically restrained from vandalizing a YMCA snack table -- an instance of all-too-authentic food fascism we were happy to report on.

Targets of her brazen attacks seem countless. She’s has gone after Santa Claus for his jelly-like belly, American Idol winner Jordin Sparks for not being rail thin, Redbook magazine for featuring models of all sizes, and any other American who fails to meet her skewed vision of health.

Today, we’re reminding the media that our Tagalongs are none of her business:

"A Thin Mint never hurt anyone … MeMe Roth should give us all a break from her silly food-cop media stunts."

That's about par for the course for some people. They are so caught up in the idea of being thin, they go to extremes. We each have personal freedom. We should not fall into the clutches of the media and diet industry telling us we are less than a person simply because we aren't a size 2.

There CAN be "Health At Every Size".


OhYeahBabe said...

That is just outrageous! Utterly ridiculous.
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Mayberryfan said...

Awesome post, Bama!



This woman is saying basically that GS cookies are the devil.

Seriously, what's next? Putting a hit out on Little Debbie?