Sunday, March 16, 2008


WA6 stumbled on a wonderful website in her searches today.....

With all the pro-ana sites found on the net, it was refreshing to see a recovery site such as this---WE BITE BACK.

This is the site that comes after the madness. Before we came along, there was no place for people to go who found support on pro-ana forums, communities and email lists who didn't want to do the ana thing anymore. Welcome to the first web site designed specifically for post-pro-anorexics. We represent a worldwide virtual network of people proactively seeking recovery and happiness with the same dedication that proanas apply to seeking lower goal weights.

Have thinspiration pictures lost all appeal? Maybe you just want them to lose their grip on you. Want a roadmap to recovery? It isn't impossible if you have a support network! Find bulimic behavior returning like a bad habit? You might find a verbal, written purge helps you deal with the seed of the problem motivating your disordered eating habits. Wonder what it would be like to finally not be punishing yourself for punishing yourself in an endless cycle?

Stop shaming yourself for seeking support on eating disorder forums, and instead seek out one that strives to remain positive! We've got our wits, and we can take control of our lives by making better choices for ourselves. Choice is powerful. Anorexic behaviors will give you a false feeling of control initially, but you eventually lose your control to your eating disorder. On this site, we regain control by mutually encouraging one another to get better instead of worse.

So what are you waiting for? What are you afraid of? Tell Ana to go suck a lemon, and begin your recovery by biting back! Us Oranges are collectively defining a more sustainable, healthier standard of beauty. Join the fight. You don't have to do it alone! Together, we can all bite back!

Join We Bite Back today!

Besides having a support forum they also have taken on a world wide project called the Orange Revolution!! The whole concept of this is placing positive body image post-its everywhere. The following are just a few examples. You can see even more of the post-its here.

This project applies not only to the eating disorder community but to everyone. Accepting yourself as you are goes a long way to becoming a healthier person no matter your size or shape.

So grab a stack of post-its and start spreading the word of loving yourself. The first place to start.....