Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Toot you own horn....

In catching up with my blog reading for the past couple of weeks, I ran across an awesome post by Rachel at The F-Word. Now Rachel has some pretty awesome posts most all the time on her blog...but this one just spoke to me. So thought I would share part of it here.

Our culture is one that largely discourages narcissism. The nation’s Protestant values frown upon vanity and materialism; excessive pride in oneself is seen as a character flaw, a moral and personal failing. Indeed pride is one of the seven deadly sins. I’m not saying that we should all become a nation of Dorian Grays, but rather having a high self-esteem and confidence in oneself isn’t tantamount to narcissism, either. In fact, I think we all need a healthy dose of constructive self-pride.

Andy Warhol once opined that everyone will have their own 15 minutes of fame. I am a firm believer that everyone should also have at least one positive piece on them in a newspaper. If a newspaper were to write on you, what would the article read? Are you a single mom who’s struggling to get a college degree? Do you go on mission trips or perform community service? Have you overcome depression or an eating disorder or a difficult childhood? Are you a positive role model for a child? Do you enjoy a healthy body image?

C’mon… this is the place to toot your own horn. What are some of the fabulous things you’re doing both on a micro and macro level?

So what do you say....use the comments to Toot your own horn. Share something about yourself.