Monday, June 30, 2008

Kimkins Fatphobia

Fatphobia is running rampant everywhere but never more so than inside Kimkins. A woman wants to LOSE weight WHILE pregnant. Another is having heart palpitations and severe dizzy spells. All the members are severely fatphobic but these 2 ladies are seriously jeopardizing their health by continuing to follow this severely low everything diet.

Have they been caught up so deep in the fantasy of being thin that they fall for the idea that being fat is unhealthy. Diets do not work even if you don't call them diets.

Why put your life and the life of an unborn child at risk all for the sake of being thin?

Kimkins is just one of many companies out to make a buck off the so called obesity epi-panic. Heidi Diaz does not care about her members--hence her not encouraging these members to folow another eating plan. Her main concern is the $80 people are willing to pay her. Her diet is no more effective than any other diet.

I encourage everyone--especially women-- to embrace and love yourself enough to give up dieting completely. Learn to eat normaly again. There truly is health at every size.