Monday, August 25, 2008

Anorexia: A Media-Borne Illness

From Business Week: The Debate Room

TV, magazines, and the Internet are to blame for today’s artificial standard of beauty and the resulting low self-esteem and eating disorders among girls and women. Pro or con?

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As for what I believe.......ED is a mental illness...period. It is not a choice. The media only triggers the illness, making it worse.


Anonymous said...

Choosing to skip meals, purging after a binge are lifestyle choices. But after a while, they become harmful addictions leading to flawed reasoning and physical and mental disorders. That is when it is termed anorexia, but in the beginning, the person still can make choices. Those prone to depending on others for their self-worth tend to develop ED's, since their view of things is flawed. If only we could recognize the very beginnings and effectively interfere.

Yucky said...

There certainly does seem to be the copycat syndrome at work. Same goes for school violence, IMO -- if the media had not publicized the Columbine tragedy, would others that followed have been prevented? But, what about freedom of information?

Very complicated and I don't know if it applies to the eating disorders situation but interesting all the same.